Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Healthcare Internet Business Model

What new business models in health care, based on the Internet, are rising to the fore? What do they do that's different? And how do they address some eternal issues of patient care: not only good health, but also quality, choice and trust?
Here is the Discussion- "Reshaping Markets and Industries."
For the following ,I alloted six hat thinking to my friends..RED HAT= Emotional analysis,
White Hat= Facts n figures, Black Hat= careful ,Yellow hat= positive, Green Hat= creativity,Blue hat=Cool Hat, an Organising hat.
Yellow says- Most health care marketing in the past was centered around physicians. The basis of competition in the near future would shift to one driven by consumer satisfaction and quality.
White says- "It's really incredible when you compare [health care] to other industries, and ask what information is available to consumers that influences choice: choice of physician, choice of where to have procedures done, ability to access meaningful and useful information … It's incredible that this industry has so little information of this type that's actively used.
Green Says: Emerging frontier is online continuing medical education. There is lot to be used and learnt.
Blue Says: health care and the Internet are ideally suited for each other "because no one wants to pay for either..:)
Green Says: there should be an "integrated delivery group",giving patients and physicians within the network an ability to conduct a myriad of activities online. These tasks can range from refilling prescriptions to accessing personal MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) records.
Black Says: I think more safely, It should be an Exchange that links patients with local health care providers who offer preferred rates. Services include everything from traditional medical procedures to alternative treatments that are not usually covered by health insurance, such as laser eye surgery and infertility counseling.
Red Says: For the exchange to work, there has to be a value proposition for both sides.Better go to the Providers and ask them to Set their own rate, set a fair rate, set it based on what kind of available capacity you have in your office and on what you think your value proposition is to consumers.
Black Says- Selling on Internet is a hard sell. Rules apply to Internet health care. "If we don't offer quality, people won't come back."
Yellow says: The moment we will feel pressure from a large endorsing/Co-branding pharmaceutical company to make one particular clinical trial sound more appealing, we're out of business. We better stay unbiased and act as a third party exchange.
Black says: I agree, we cannot behave like a defunct site that allegedly solicites Rupees to recommend certain hospitals.
White Says: The company should be paid by consumers,When the consumer knows that, it makes all the difference in the world.

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