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E-health for blind guys

I wanted to have some more inputs about any kind of handicap be it mobility, blindness, handicapped or deafness to e-health. Some people may be surprised to find out that the blind and visually impaired are about as likely to be on the internet as a sighted person. It can seem like a daunting task to learn to use a computer system, but the fact is, there are plenty of easy ways for the visually impaired to get online.

A common method for computer access for the blind and visually impaired is a screen reader. There are many screen reader programs available; the most common is the JAWS screen reader. A screen reader takes the output from Microsoft Windows and converts it to speech. The screen reader will tell you that you are currently in the Internet Explorer browser, and it will read to you the contents of the web pages. With time, and practice, a blind or visually impaired user can become very proficient at using a computer system. Screen Readers offer a great degree of flexibility; …

Scommerce and How much it matters in Healthcare

First of all I would like to thank all of you for this overwhelming response..
So lets take our discussion further, Yesterday I was talking to a few people on the possible alliances between scommerce and health as for them all this was new.
Lets first of all have a look at stats:
10% of Retail shopping including health and cosmetic products happens online, out of which the conversion of the best websites is almost 4%.(that too not in first 3 yrs.) I firmly believe in this survey which happened among approximately 2,000 online shoppers, that a majority (53 percent) went directly to retailer and manufacturer sites to research and purchase products, rather than using shopping comparison sites or social and/or community networking sites.
So 100 - 53= 47% left.
Of this 47% around 35% wanted to be physically present in the store while they buy and were certainly not online shoppers.
While social and community sites and content offer some value, they are only driving a small portion of online sh…

Scommerce and Health

sCommerce has been called the new Web 2.0 buzzword by web
The Difference between eCommerce and sCommerce in that
eCommerce is electronic commerce whereby people individually
buy stuff online while sCommerce is Social Commerce whereby
individuals buy stuff online with millions of people helping is one such initiative.
If you ask me there was a long standing need for thsi as far
as healthcare online shopping was concerned.

Where ecommerce is the art of customer acquisition, Scommerce will be for
customer satisfaction.

Although this is a very new and a very good idea, it will require legislation
and controls.Shopping online is a user convenience module which has to be made
more standardised and user friendly, For health related products specific guidance
is necessary before one takes the leap.

Scommerce will be the ray of hope in here.

Scommerce will benefit anyone who:-
seeks to benefit from the combined knowledge of more than one doctor /
health professional'feels…