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Customer Response Management and Intelligent Marketing

Better managed Portals: Remember when simply establishing an online presence was a big deal?
The healthcare industry is reacting to:
Empowered consumers who are seeking information on the Internet in record numbers Dissatisfied consumers who are willing to spend their own money to get the care they want Consumers who want to manage their own care and have greater access to their physicians.
CRM enabled Health Portal allows you to respond to all of these trends. As an integral part of a comprehensive CRM solution, the health portal is a password-secure, health management tool. Because one web model no longer fits all consumers, the CRM has to be custom made, personal and flexible.
Patients can keep all of their health and insurance information in one place, make appointments and requests via e-mail with their physician's office, receive information on subjects they choose, receive reminders about medication schedules, classes or exercise timetables and other health calendar entries, pa…