Saturday, June 9, 2018

PREPARE for Impact- Artificial Intelligence Promises a New Paradigm for Healthcare

From interpreting lab tests, simplifying in-vitro fertilization, and personalizing cancer care to monitoring surgical video in real-time or aiding in the diagnosis of pneumothorax, the creativity and ingenuity evident in the flourishing AI research community is both astounding and heartening.

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The central dogma of the Information Technology requirement in medicine is software that can efficiently ‘read •• mine •• understand’ medical data; such as patient diagnostic information/ health data, radiography images, clinical trial data, and drug combination therapy data etc.
The health care system contains not only the simple text records but also complex data ranging from graphs from the diagnosis labs to images from the radiology instruments.
What if we could use image and text analytics to produce a computerized radiologist assistant which could quickly filter to clinicians/radiologists for decision support? What if computers can combine imaging data along with the rest of clinical patient data to summaries of the patients’ conditions, coincidental diagnosis, automatic triage and a second opinion, as well as statistical comparisons to similar patients?


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