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The Golden Future- Healthcare-IT & E-health

An ideal healthcare portal

India’s huge population poses problems for the nation’s healthcare sector. E-health is a solution that can bring together all the major sectors such as development agencies, health industry experts, public health specialists, policy makers, academicians, technology developers and civil society practitioners to provide schemes that are useful to common people.

Aims of an Indian health portal

Ambulatory care

One of the most profound changes seen in many countries around the world is a shift from a hospital based healthcare system to a more ambulatory system with home care, day care clinics and same day surgeries. We are now treating patients in ways that were thought impossible a few years ago. It is now possible for a patient to come to hospital in the morning, have a coronagraph and be home that same day! You can also have your intravenous antibiotics at home or have adjustment to your anticoagulation regimen on an out patient basis.

Chronic diseases management

The incidence of chronic disease is rising in part due to an aging population and more efficient treatment.
With chronic diseases, our management aims to stabilize the patient, keeping him in that state while also slowing/stopping more functional deterioration and preventing further complications. To achieve these goals it is mandatory to have a high level of coordination in the care team, but it is also important to actively involve the patient himself.

Knowledge management

The healthcare sector is one of the most information driven industries and the amount of information that must be dealt with on a regular basis is growing every day. Also, with the advent of the internet, access to information is easy. It is now usual to have patients come to their appointment with printed documents found online.

Classical Electronic Health Records approach

Most of the Electronic Health Records available on the market today are not patient-centered but rather ‘hospital-centered’. As such they were not designed to easily address the challenges raised by the new paradigms found in the healthcare sector today. One of the consequences is that the care activities delivered outside hospital walls are difficult to integrate. Another major consequence is that no tools or functionalities are available to integrate the patient as an active member of the care team.

Evidence based medicine

The e-health system enables the doctor to check international research and data to confirm their diagnosis. This helps reduce confusion in a patients treatment, especially in developing countries.

Virtual healthcare team

The most important benefit of e-health in India is that it has enabled several patients to discuss their problems online, i.e. through the internet.


For patient

Improved information about their disease/illness

Access the internet from anywhere and get updated reports

Not restricted to keeping prescription details with a hospital

Online medical advice available from renowned doctors

Reduced travel expenses for treatment

For doctors

Improves the healthcare system

No manual writing of prescriptions

Time saving and efficient

For government

Able to monitor the healthcare system of the country

Get to measure the number of patients examined by a doctor daily

Data captured for various regions

E-health services are gradually being adopted by healthcare provider organizations in India. The growth of e-health services has given rise to the need for a new breed of healthcare professionals, healthcare administrators and healthcare technologists.

Pharma Business & Marketing- Ehealth

There are two basic classes of population from the point of pharmaceuticals view. The attitude of these two classes is so divergent that the behaviour which they display towards consumption of medicine is very different.These two classes are sufferers and non-sufferers. Sufferers tend to become hypochondriac and they ensure that they comply with the medicines while non-sufferers believe that nothing is wrong with them and perhaps will go wrong to their health till they cross the border of sufferers.

As demographics of India are creating a very powerful force for growth of every industry, pharma is not an exception. Healthy population as well as sick population is continuously getting updated on medical issues through Internet.

Now the population who consumes medicine whether it pharma or nutraceutical consists of both sick and healthy patients. They exhibit their behaviour of exhibiting their choice in selection of medicines. Coupled with Internet education and their awareness, they feel, they are making the right choice even in high involvement and high-risk products. As a result, they have created a new class of medical consumers.

Patient On-Chat ,Patient Online, Newsletters & Emails:

Out of almost 41 million people who are supposed to be diabetics in India, you will observe that hardly 4 million patients are taking adequate care of themselves through medicines while others might be taking care of their health through alternate medicines or other traditional methods. Having such vast gap between what can accrue through pharma industry what is not really creating in the market for the industry needs to be noticed by all marketers. What should my mind matters is intense and exhausted patient education. It's possible through patient communication.

The Question?- How to communicate with these learned medical consumers?

Answer: ADTC advertising and communication.

Points to keep in mind to make this an Effective Tool:

  1. Quality of product

  2. " Safety of product even at higher dosages

  3. " Continuous availability of information about the product

  4. " Continuous promotion of the product

  5. " Continuous credibility creation and continuous improvement of the product

Consumer looks into packaging, clear directions on label, safety instructions, warnings andother regulatory instructions. He also looks at price and competitive products. Besides, this he may look at bulk pack as one of his convenience if it's day-to-day purchase and consumption.

In order to develop specific action plan marketer needs to carry out following survey:Awareness, understanding existing use of any substitute or a competitor (may not be from the same category), buying patterns, usage and attitude patterns, trends of markets, regions, logistics and capacity to stock these products for different outlets.

PR ,Marketing and Communication Strategy:Pharmaceutical companies should have communication strategy besides main strategy.

sOME eXAMPLES:, are good with Newsletters.

SurveryRX is a web based platform that enables a company to conduct online medical market research with physicians across multiple sites in a secure environment.

Today's Featured one: Informed Horizons, LLC - Medical communications company committed to keeping physicians and patients up to date with the latest advances in pharmaceutical research.

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