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Ecommerce: From and Through a Healthcare Portal

In today's on-line environment, eCommerce is already changing the healthcare industry. Current business-to-consumer sites include and PlanteRx, which provide sales of prescription and over-the-counter products to consumers. WebMD and provide information and product promotion to consumers and doctors alike.
Non-contractual business-to-business healthcare web sites that provide sales of medical supplies to institutions are Neoforma and Medibuy. Chemdex and SciQuest are non-contractual in respect to the sales of lab supplies to pharmaceutical Research and Development companies.
Ecommerce in Hospitals: eCommerce has been identified as a leading practice in the healthcare supply chain.The 'big things' hospitals include: Electronic requisitioning Electronic replenishment Electronic fund transfers Contract database management Implementing leading practices within the supply chain enables hospitals save on costs, allowing funds to be redirected into patient …