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e-Health Portal-How to stay focussed?

If you need profits..if you really want to make it big in the top line...Read ON...
It is important to differentiate between current visitors and target
audience. If your stats are able to, the important information is
return visitors and where they come from. There will always be random
visitors from all over the world, arriving via search engines. They
add to visitor numbers and page views, but what you need are visitors
that bookmark your site and use it as a resource. They are the
visitors who travel through many pages each visit, who read the
content, and who are in a better mood to notice relevant
advertisements. Many search engine visitors will only visit for a few
seconds then go somewhere else.
The advantage of Google Ads is that you get paid per click-through,
regardless of whether the visitor ends up buying anything. From this
point of view, it doesn't really matter where they come from - if they
can read English there's a 1-3% chance they'll click on an ad.
It is only an opin…

MORE TIPS on Revenue!

Creating support groups is a good Idea.
The final destination should be linked to form the body of the page people originally arrived at, and given a much better impresssion of the depth of information your site contains.
I suggest that the Support Group section be merged with Conditions section.
The visitor should be able to visit your home page, click on
Conditions, click on Epilepsy
(See Epilepsy Journals from The Lancet as well), and reach a page that links to all the
info your site has on the topic. When I get to the Epilepsy page, I
would like to see a menu prominently displayed in the center of the
page, that links to:
- Introduction
- Definition
- Causes
- Charateristics
- Diagnosis
- Treatment
- Tips for living with Epilepsy
- Articles
- Myths surrounding epilepsy
- Do's and Don'ts
- Epilepsy & Women
- Famous people with epilepsy
- VNS Therapy
- Support Groups
Fixing the Navigation
What needs to be done is this, for each ailment, remedy or general topic:
1. Find every…


Revenue-------Your focus should be on advertisements. Web users don't mind qualityPortals having a banner ad at the top of the page, and Google Ads havethe ability to provide ads relevant to page content. Getting doctorsor hospitals to pay for inclusion in a your directory only becomesviable when they sense they *need* to be listed. Consider how longYahoo took before they charged for inclusion as the correct model. Which is the better option, from your visitors’ point of view? 1. A complete directory, supported by ads2. A patchy directory, supported by submission fees Revenue by section------------------In general, I do not think any gain can be made from dividing yoursite into sections for revenue purposes. Although there may be theoccasional section of your site worthy of special attention, it is notcommon for large sites to complicate their advertising in this way. If an individual page receives a lot of visitors, then a staticadvertisement that ties in well with the topic of …

Healthcare Portals- An Argument,A perspective

The IT and dotcom revolution has given the people a chance to explore business opportunities that never existed in the past. And they have taken those opportunities with both hands. Among them have been those looking for opportunities in the healthcare market. The absolute increase in population argues automatically in favour of a growing market for health care and health care products. The increasing levels of literacy and eduction argue likewise. The dissemination of information through the internet makes health care as a dotcom proposition sound more than a remote business opportunity. The rest of course depends upon individual business acumen and the ability to convert a chance into an opportunity and an opportunity into a viable business.
Among the better known health care portals now up and running in India are:
healthlibrary.comapollohealth.satyamonline.com3. goodhealthyou.com4. webhealthcenter.com5. mdspeak.com6. indmedica.com7. doctoranywhere.com8. healthcarehouse.com9. drgill…

e-Health Portals and the Rise and Falls

Creating a successful company in any industry is a challenge, but the unique characteristics of the Internet make it particularly difficult.
Still, e-health is considered by many to be the most promising hope for the information- and service-driven healthcare industry. Due to its sheer size, even a small increase in efficiency can produce billions of dollars in savings.
Since the Internet has only existed in its current form for about 7 years, there is tremendous uncertainty about how to create a profitable Internet business. Popular trends wax and wane, and a company lucky enough to catch one can see tremendous, albeit temporary, success. What will support a start-up in the long term are its fundamentals.
We have identified 4 fundamental factors that seem to be the most important in predicting the success or failure of an Internet company.
These are: (1) a compelling value, (2) an unambiguous revenue model, (3) competitive barriers to entry, and (4) organizational structure for cost cont…


E-Health portals are but one component of the growing trend toward total connectivity in healthcare. An effective e-health portal can be an important first step in helping organizations enter the e-healthcare arena and prepare for the future in which communication, claims submission, purchasing and other activities are all done online. By creating an effective e-health portal today, health plans and employers will be providing a valuable service to their members and employees and ensuring they are ready for the future of healthcare as well.

10 keys to a successful e-health portal

Provide interesting and meaningful content. The single most important element for an effective e-health portal is relevant and meaningful content. If the information on the site isn't interesting; if it doesn't encourage members or employees to visit a site, the employer or health plan sponsor will not be able to secure the benefits an e-health portal strategy can provide. Integrate the information with important benefit information. While people go to Internet sites to research healthcare information, as many e-health firms have discovered, content alone is not enough. The best sites today integrate meaningful educational content with pertinent health plan information and services involving claims, benefits, enrollment, provider directories, member services, and medical management programs.Provide a variety of information. A comprehensive and effective e-health portal allows health plan members to access the latest healthcare news and articles from consumer magazines and clin…