Saturday, 26 April, 2008


Revenue-------Your focus should be on advertisements. Web users don't mind qualityPortals having a banner ad at the top of the page, and Google Ads havethe ability to provide ads relevant to page content. Getting doctorsor hospitals to pay for inclusion in a your directory only becomesviable when they sense they *need* to be listed. Consider how longYahoo took before they charged for inclusion as the correct model. Which is the better option, from your visitors’ point of view? 1. A complete directory, supported by ads2. A patchy directory, supported by submission fees Revenue by section------------------In general, I do not think any gain can be made from dividing yoursite into sections for revenue purposes. Although there may be theoccasional section of your site worthy of special attention, it is notcommon for large sites to complicate their advertising in this way. If an individual page receives a lot of visitors, then a staticadvertisement that ties in well with the topic of the page can workwell. Typically this would be a link to a book or product thatdirectly fills the needs of the likely visitor to the page. This could also apply to sections like your drug search. One presumesthat anyone using the drug search is either looking to purchase thecorrect drugs for their situation, or have some concern about whetherthe drugs they have been prescribed are correct. For this category,prominent ads for an online pharmacy would do well, as would books onthe topic, like an "A-Z of Drugs". Revenue streams that are available to sites such as those in the USAmight not be available to Indian sites, primarily because Indianretail e-commerce is in its relative infancy. Being an American sitethat links directly to books at is quite easy.GoBookShopping would be a good Indian alliance for your site if itprovided a means of linking to books individually. You are a Portal----------------Health is a never-ending topic, and trying to be everything foreveryone is impossible. It does, however, seem to be human nature totry. Many amateur websites include a visitor book a long time beforethey have any visitors. As the web-surfing audience matures with experience, they take heed oflittle indicators that continuing to browse a site could be a waste oftheir precious time. As noted above, having a forum with noparticipants is one example. So too are any pages that are "underconstruction", and any link directories or databases that lackcontent. Therefore your main priority is to fulfill the expectationsof your visitor. You can do this by focusing on one aspect and makingit as close to perfect as is possible. Your site is a portal. Your focus should be on being a portal - acombination of health information, links to specialist resources, anda directory of Indian resources, products and facilities.

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