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Making sense out of a Health Website!

From the well known like medindia and to the better but less known like & healthcaremagic....Everybody today is talking about selling Health on the net.How is your website better than mine..? My page rank is better, your Alexa rating is higher...

In Business, failure costs so much of money that nearly every satisfied company avoids risk of innovation. I may help you with facts but for creativity you will have to help yourself. Hold one finger first Are you and your website into Health products

or, Health content,

or, Medical Consultation.

Integral to every Web development project is the understanding of elements evolving within e-health. For most of the start up companies in India, business is an exciting time during which they are invigorated by the possibility of success and the fun of tackling new challenges.But where do they make mistakes:

1.Incorporation: While incorporating is an appropriate step for many businesses, it pays to wait until your business idea is well formed before taking the plunge.

2.Research: Arrange to speak to as many of your potential customers as possible. Questions to ask include: Would you buy my product or service? Where do you currently obtain this product or service? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

3.Infrastructure:A nice office and great computer equipment make many entrepreneurs feel as though their dream of entrepreneurism is coming true.Save here!

4.Designing: I have a flash template with animations and a wow look so what..if it requires the customer to download a plugin..He would rather cross the window..

5.Trust: Ever geard of emotional visitors..well if you are into internet that too into should know them..They love to hear from you, Introduce your people, what all you do? where are you situated? Charity, Success and forth coming events..Are u coming on paperback, let them know?

6.Traffic Suppositories: To any health website to browse today, women visitors contribute to around 60% of the total value..wonder why? the website are made lame and easy.

7.What are the top 20 drugs browsed? ever wondered, any efforts for the same?Infertility, Diabetes, alternative medicine and Health insurance are the hottest in India.

What made WebMD and MayoClinic best websites?

Simple answer would be:

1. A one stop shop feeling.

2. Easy navigation, use and browsing.

3.Hon Code accredition.

4. Online support, Guides and newsletters.

Will come with more soon.....


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