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Giving Chat facility on a Health Website

The biggest reasons why hospitals in India and abroad are giving chat facilities to their visitors are:

1. Reduce operational expense

2. Enhance customer service, in India have also joined the lead. Abroad also, various sites like,,, etc are doing the same stuff.

Even Health insurance plans – driven by the rapid growth of individual health coverage increasingly turn to customer service technologies that sophisticated retail businesses, ranging from consumer products to financial services, have employed successfully for years, most notably Click-to-Chat, or “Chat.”

Why is Chat, a good Idea?

Chat technology enables health plan members to communicate online with customer service reps
through real-time text messaging, rather than over the phone. Because Chat technology allows
service reps to handle more than one customer simultaneously, and provides customers with a
detailed record of online text “conversations,” companies are able to reduce operating costs and
improve the customer experience with Chat.

Is it Risk Free, say for a new or upcoming health website?

Well, When improperly configured or inappropriately staffed, Chat technology can degrade the customer experience, erode brand confidence, and even drive a customer to a competitor.

Doctors on Chat and the HR significance?

This doctor was good on a telephonic and personal interview, should be good to handle my online patients = Strict No No....

Chat Doctors and Voice doctors (ON CALL DOCTORS) have distinct personalities and skill
sets, and they shouldn’t be expected to perform each other’s jobs. Proper recruitment, training
and supervision are critical. “The best DOCTORS may sound good over the phone but that may be coz they prefer social interaction and enjoy talking on the phone.

How to recruit and differentiate?

if he is just a "good to talk to" doctor on call, the moment he completes a call, he’ll turn to his
colleagues and continue talking.

Chat doctors are exactly the opposite. They prefer written communication, are extremely focused, and don’t like interruptions when working.”

What can spoil the Chat pot pourri?

Leaving Customers Waiting Too Long – Like a frustrated radio listener who switches to
another station when there is “dead air,” an online customer will often terminate a Chat session
when too much time elapses between questions and answers. Well-designed Chat solutions are
staffed with trained agents and employ automatic system interventions that shorten customer
wait time and reduce abandonment of the Chat session.

For eg. " This question requires, Expert opinion, let me put you to a specialist."

or, "Consulting our Gynaecologists team, Please be patient!"

Website Design and Chat windows

Making Chat Icons Difficult to Locate – This can be a down-hiller! Strategic placement of the Click-to-Chat button on a company’s website can turn shoppers into buyers, enable faster resolution of customer service issues, and strengthen brand loyalty. Chat entry points placed on logical pages, such as those containing billing or statement information, often lead to faster resolution of questions and more satisfied customers. Conversely, hunting for a Chat icon leads to a poor customer service outcome.

The best place links are given below:

Some which I find Boring:


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