Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

Customer Response Management and Intelligent Marketing

Better managed Portals: Remember when simply establishing an online presence was a big deal?

The healthcare industry is reacting to:

  1. Empowered consumers who are seeking information on the Internet in record numbers
  2. Dissatisfied consumers who are willing to spend their own money to get the care they want
  3. Consumers who want to manage their own care and have greater access to their physicians.

CRM enabled Health Portal allows you to respond to all of these trends. As an integral part of a comprehensive CRM solution, the health portal is a password-secure, health management tool. Because one web model no longer fits all consumers, the CRM has to be custom made, personal and flexible.

Patients can keep all of their health and insurance information in one place, make appointments and requests via e-mail with their physician's office, receive information on subjects they choose, receive reminders about medication schedules, classes or exercise timetables and other health calendar entries, participate in support groups, and keep health journals.

You build trust, strengthen relationships, and learn more about what your patients want and need so you can constantly adjust and fine-tune your programs.

Better Pharmacies:

Increase productivity and cut costs - View your contact and health information on one screen. Track all your patient correspondence. Slash data entry time when you import price spreadsheets directly into your system. Instantly manage your margin.

Easy e-commerce – Customized CRM provides your customers with an easy-to-use online shopping cart that makes buying effortless – and keeps you in control.
Simplify your supply chain - With CRM technology and marketplace experience, you can easily fill from anywhere in the world.

Get prescription approvals - quickly & easily CRM receives prescriptions in electronic format then “attaches” them to your customer files. When you use CRM, doctors login and approve prescriptions over the web. Approval is instant, and the system provides a complete audit trail.

Your Customers will love you for letting them track their order – and you’ll save money - Your customers can log into the CRM system and see the status of their order from your web site - greatly reducing expensive call center volume.

Your data is safer than ever before - CRM servers are double redundant and feature up to seven layers of encryption.

Better Organized Labs:

CRM models for Labs and medical devices industry is almost the same.

CRM describes how pharmacies can use IT to better:-

1. identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities-
2. identify partnership and collaborative agreements for new product development-
3. identify creation of profit from interaction with key opinion leaders and influencers-
4. realize increased collaboration with distributors to promote channel efficiencies-
5. create more highly trained, motivated and pro-active sales forces-
apply customer segmentation strategies to positively impact the bottom line and- manage employee knowledge to drive innovation .

CRM- The strategic Importance:

Nearly 42 percent of the respondents indicated that CRM was a valuable tool for their customers, 29 percent thought CRM was valuable, but difficult to sell and install, and 16 percent said that CRM is something they need to carry just to be competitive.Seventeen percent of the partners said that the average deal size was $250,000 or above, while 32 percent indicated it was between $10,000 and $49,000.

Those figures include hardware, software and service sales.Fifteen percent of the partners responding claimed that between 75 percent and 100 percent of their total revenues come from CRM service and sales, 19 percent generate between 25 percent and 75 percent of total revenue from CRM, and 25 percent make 10 to 25 percent of revenue from CRM.

The research showed that Microsoft, with its MS CRM, which came out nearly a year ago, has made--and will make--the most impact in the CRM space. Siebel was voted second, and Best Software was a close third.

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