Thursday, 21 October, 2010

The Health Website

Good Morning friends! Hope you are doing good.Today we will talk about a Health website. I keep getting these mails from Health care Enterprises and new entrepreneurs asking for some suggestions and help for their health website, and I really don't get time to revert to them. This post of mine will help them understand and pave their vision better.

Q1. How people are going to find you and notice you online?

Ans- Internet represents less than 10% of the total retail sales. Online Business is of importance to consumers just because of two things:
a. Speed
b. Quality of Information
People are loyal to discounts, not you. Bundle your packages and wow your visitors. Position yourself as an expert whether it is apparel, cosmetics, shoes or medicines. If one product you sell-> Keep your customers informed about its use, your degree of expertise in that, related offers -> if possible provide buy back and all.

Q2. How to beat the competitor?

Ans- The thing that will make you win on web is the convenience factor. Easier + faster+ relevant= Beat beat beat!!!!

1. Suggestions, Prompts, analysis, comparisons always sell. (Saves time= serve better)
2. User friendly websites, Less complicated with flow and navigation maps.
3. Most of the customers don't know what they want, therefore prompts and drop downs are better than a blank search box. Something what Google does.

1. Variety motivates, Specialty motivates along with a simple UI (User Interface) and a robust search engine- As people love to buy products that are personalized, unique and different ;same ways a website lures. So if you have a niche site, your participation is confirmed.
Convergence= Focus= Win!

1. We cannot define our products and packages- Customers do that- Demand does that.
2. It got to be relevant= People pay extra money for convenience and security. Also ,if they are hurrying up to meet the deadline, they will happily pay for their peace of mind and will transact from home.

Big Point: Once glued, come and show policy- Remember the last time when you tried to change to a new web browser??? People don't do it often either.

Q4. How to add the entertainment factor to your website. How to help your customers stay glued?
ntertaining and answering every customer need is a herculean task. However, there are certain things you can do based on the following:

1. Emotion= FUN- There are these emotional customers who are looking for details. Tell you story, Tell them more. Company history, employees, assets, nobleness, charity and Business benefits if somebody ties up or collaborates with you. Put a name behind every review, every description, assign a particular Customer service agent name to each product- They should feel familiar, like they are taken care of and that it is not virtual= dangerous to shop online!

2. Discounts- So what's more exciting shopping for the most expensive watch or getting an ARMANI for half the price that too on installments/monthly EMIs. Bidding is fun coz it throws a challenge. When you buy that piece, you are thrilled. It makes you feel like a winner.

3. Forums- Heard of a concept called assisted shopping or s-commerce? People love praising certain products and show that their knowledge is impeccable. Some people love pulling down products and comment each other as well.

4. Creativity- Very recent concept, but Fun! Certain games like apps on facebook who loves you? what color is you? your makeover! The comic you!, your wedding look!, Games, puzzles are also fun. Especially if there is a competition or a prize.

In one sentence, whether it is a health care website, a retail one or Drugs website? It's got to be Customer Responsive. Marketing and sales gotta be a s good at the front end as is transaction processing at the back end.


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